Hair fibers for full and beautiful hair in just 30 seconds

The unique SensiHair fibers are made of keratin which is the organic protein in human hair. The SensiHair fibers connect with your own hair and let it appear full-bodied and dense. With SensiHair, you get an effective product to densify thin and light hair.

Hairloss occurs naturally due to old age, but can occur earlier in life. There are no real, current medical solutions that will grow your hair again, once it disappears. Any successes are often marginal, the costs are high, and there are serious side effects in most cases. Similarly, the limitation of progressive hair loss is still under study, and it is hoped that better results can be expected in the future.

For cosmetic solutions to hair loss, hairpieces or hair transplants are available. Significant progress has been made in recent years on these cosmetic solutions, to provide better looking and long lasting replacements. Modern hair replacement cannot be visually distinguished from naturally growing hair. Many people who are looking for a long-term solution, now opt for a cosmetic solution for this area. SensiHair offers a very flexible and non-permanent way to hide missing hair – right now and when you want it.

The hair from the box. Our aim was to develop a product, that whenever you need it, SensiHair can give you the volume of the hair you desire. Flexible and easy to use, without surgery, without side effects, at a reasonable price.
This is not your real hair, but it comes pretty close to yours! SensiHair